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Posted on November 15, 2012 by ThePMJournal

We get used with the idea we are on verge to bankruptcy. Some of my colleagues start to post their CV public, some are screaming hysterical “I don’t care about job”, others are frozen by fear of not losing their job. I expect in upcoming months, we will remain without employees.
Despite the existing chaos, teams work with much dedication. I feel responsible to encourage them:

-You are the best team I worked with, despite the difficulties, you gave your best. You are admirably!

After a hard day work, when I reach home, I found a great joy: my children jump on me, they embrace me and pull me by the hair. I figure out how much they missed me. I am trying to forget everything and to disconnect. I drink a beer, then another, then another, then wine, then brandy… then I blend them. And suddenly I forget about all my problems. I run through my house, playing with my kids, in a crazy ride to escape worries and thoughts. In this race, I had a terrible idea: tomorrow I will stick on all my office walls a great poster with the following message: “We boldly go where no man has gone before. Dedicated to all Enterprise Software Engineers.”

My wife laugh about my plan:

-And when the shareholders will come to you for their product, you will show them another placard with message: “Live long and prosper!”.

We fall about with laughing. Then I put my black hat, I usually wore in Marketing meetings (CEO nicknamed me Black Hat, allusion to The Six Thinking Hats concept), with a pistol in my hand and with a foot ball I continued the destruction of my home. After I got tired, I walked to the window and I yelled joyful:

-Children, Look at the stars! See out there, in the sky, our starship “Enterprise”.


I drink one last glass of wine and write down the last ideas for the tomorrow presentation. I won’t let anything or someone to ruin my Big Launch!

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