About The PM Journal

The Story of a Startup is in essence a diary. It contains a series of real-life stories from a life of a Product Manager, as it is.

The journal starts by documenting thoughts, personal notes, emotions and dialogues along the adventurous journey from the moment a new company was borned until his failure. The real name of the company will remain a secret (in this book, F-Startup is a codename).

In this book, the author describes his personal experiences, his challenges in a start-up, analyzes what is good and wrong in applied project/product management nowadays. The text is a confession to former collegues, a disclosure of professional secrets and a revelation of applied management. In this book, a new concept of leadership prevails as “Lead by Experimenting” (or “Lead by Experiment”, which more practically means “find your own way of doing management and leadership, through experiments”).

The final objective of this book is to highlight theoretical and practical aspects of project and product management and also to propose new methods of applied management. As a final lesson, readers are invited to discover their own ways of practicing management.

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