About Author

Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) with strong background in Software Development. I have helped launching two startups from zero (business case, administrative, operations, product and program management, people management). Strong entrepreneur attitude, passionate about great software products. I had results in various domains: online/digital marketing, antivirus/internet protection/backup solutions for B2C and B2B, mobile gaming. I have managing shared and distributed teams of 50+ people (R&D, QA, Release/Fulfillment, IT, Support, Marketing, third party contractors).

Professional Interests: Portfolio and Program Management, Brand IT management, Launch IT Startups.

Career Goal: Create original IT products will inspire people.

Present: I am continuously learning, experimenting and optimizing an incremental and iterative methodology based on Agile-PMI framework.

A story about me you can find here: The Unwanted Employee.