The Journey Comes to an End

Posted on February 20, 2013 by ThePMJournal

The events of the past three months, starting with the bankruptcy of the parent company and collective dismissals, meant the beginning of our end. They need to know what is Company Insolvency and how a practitioner will help them. My colleague, the R&D Project Manager, announced today he will resign. After him, others and others have followed

In this tumult, there are still people that work with great dedication, proving true professionalism. People resigns and behind them remains a great void. It’s a matter of time until all the “Pirates” will leave and the company’s engine will stop (term “pirates” was given to R&D programmers had become rebellious and insubordinate to their superiors). Our journey is approaching to an end.

One year ago, COO very sure of himself, reassured me: “Do not worry! I’ll make sure people will not leave us.” (Probably at the time, we were sitting on a gold mine). Now, it is inevitable: we will lose all the people. The reason I didn’t resign yet is because I still believe in our business model and I still hope for a miracle. I asked myself: If I go, what would happen to my products? Who will care about my products as I did as creator? The answer is no one. That’s why, I preferred to stay.

In this moment, F-Startup looks like a ship half sunk and surrounded by sharks. When we will submerge everything around us will be a Red Ocean (see Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategy). I will stay on topmast until entire ship will be sunk. If I die, then I would like to do it with my ship…

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