Modern Times

Behind the glass walls of the big boss office, I hear a lion’s road. In the “cage” glass I see CEO, gesturing. He talks with one of our partners about our business model. He rises his hands, slams papers, laughs hysterical! His mimics moves from agony to ecstasy.  If you could imagine on the other side of the phone is a man from the category of “Experts“, the discussion could be one of the most “interesting”… I imagine no one understands what they are talking about and probably one of them will end the conversation abruptly with a curse. Continue Reading →

A Day From The Life of a Product Manager

Oct 26. A gloomy morning of October. Meeting with the company’s shareholders. CEO invited the whole group of Experts meeting and the number of invitees have reached to ten.

-I am little worried… said one of shareholders.

-Don’t worry, everything is planned! tried to reassure him CEO.

No one understands exactly what he meant by “planned” since there is no plan… Continue Reading →