Why should we be better that we are?

Today, my wife showed me a inspirational movie. The idea behind was ​​the power of example: a child see his colleague fallen and he helps him getting up, a boy sees the gesture, remains impressed and when he get the opportunity he helps a stranger, others see the gesture, remain impressed, and they, in turn, help others… finally, starting with initial gesture of the first child, a lot of people are helping others for free, unconditional, inspired by example. Brilliant! Continue Reading →

Product Manager or Project Manager?

In the companies I worked before, the two roles of Product Manager and Project Manager, were separate roles, because their responsibilities were different and could be done by one person. In F-Startup, the company I was initially hired as a Product Manager, the Product Manager and Project Manager job was the same thing. Despite the fact I knew the two roles can’t be played by the same person, I accepted the challenge to assume responsibilities of both roles. Initially I looked everything as an experiment, because I strongly believed I can do both function in the same time.  Continue Reading →

A Day From The Life of a Product Manager

Oct 26. A gloomy morning of October. Meeting with the company’s shareholders. CEO invited the whole group of Experts meeting and the number of invitees have reached to ten.

-I am little worried… said one of shareholders.

-Don’t worry, everything is planned! tried to reassure him CEO.

No one understands exactly what he meant by “planned” since there is no plan… Continue Reading →